Monthly Archives: June 2006

Is your “dis” stronger than your “ing”?

Slap on the wrist for not mentioning Dr Rod Walters‘ work on the Welsh dialect. Rod’s epic study into the phonology behind the valleys’ pronounciation (that’s ‘ow it sounds, like, to ewe and me) found that speakers in the region … Continue reading

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Bruce’s bodybuilding alert makes waves

A paper from those fine bods at our Health and Exercise Research Unit – whose research found that male bodybuilders use the cancer drug tamoxifen to negate the breast-building effects of taking steroids – has been doing the rounds this … Continue reading

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Web-for-women paper inspires Floridian

Some of our best-known recent Business School research is proving an inspiration for a Florida web design startup. Work by Gloria Moss and Rod Gunn, showing how men and women exhibit different appreciation for web aesthetics, set news media and … Continue reading

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