Bruce’s bodybuilding alert makes waves

A paper from those fine bods at our Health and Exercise Research Unit – whose research found that male bodybuilders use the cancer drug tamoxifen to negate the breast-building effects of taking steroids – has been doing the rounds this week in the news media, with mentions on BBC News, The Guardian and more.

Professor Bruce Davies, who found that 22% of a sample group of 200 gym users used tamoxifen, told the BBC: "Gym-goers are increasingly resorting to steroids and prescription drugs to counteract their altered body images."

Christopher over at Morning Orbit has been musing on this, too, adding:-

"Tamoxifen also has side effects like blood clots and therefore poses a stroke risk. Makes you lose your hair too sometimes. Do steroids make you stupid or are you stupid to start with?."

We couldn’t possibly comment, but it looks like Bruce’s group is at least helping to shine a spotlight on the important issues affecting the sport.

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