Arts & Humanities Research Council – Research Networking Scheme

The AHRC’s Research Networking scheme is designed to encourage and enable discussion and development of ideas on a specified thematic area, issue or problem through new research networks or running a short-term series of workshops, seminars or similar events.

Proposals of up to £30,000 full economic costs for a period of up to two years may be submitted. An additional £15,000 full economic cost may be sought to cover the costs of any international participants or activities. The costs for the additional £15,000 fEC can only be those which can be directly attributable to international collaboration such as overseas travel and subsistence, international calls and/or video conferencing.

This scheme operates without formal deadlines.

You can submit proposals at any time of the year and you will be informed of the outcome of you proposal within a maximum of four months from the end of the month in which you apply.

All applications to this scheme must be submitted via the cross-council Joint Electronic Submission – (Je-S) System.

For further information, see the AHRC website, Please visit the AHRC blog to find out more about international funding opportunities.

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