New RCUK briefings highlight the vital role of research in fostering a green economy

Research Councils UK (RCUK) has recently published new research briefings to highlight the pivotal role of UK research in securing a green future.

Three briefings have been published as part of the Fostering a green economy – the vital role of UK research series: Pollution and urban environments; Energy production; and Resource and energy efficiency.

Research funded by the UK Research Councils and the Technology Strategy Board delivers the innovation needed for a green economy. Each briefing contains case studies that highlight the impact and value of multidisciplinary research taking place in the UK. In addition the briefings showcase ground-breaking new technologies and the role of research in informing policy and practice that not only paves the way towards a greener future, but also benefits businesses, government, individuals and the economy.

A further two briefings will be published in early 2013 to complete the series: Water security and Sustainable food production.

To download copies of the Research Briefings please follow the links below.

Pollution and urban environments
The UK’s industrial legacy, its population density and the need for new housing stock means we must be clever: in how we regenerate brownfield sites; in finding better uses and disposal for waste material; and in how we plan multi-functional urban spaces that are based upon low-carbon ideals.

Resource and energy efficiency
The rate at which the world’s population is using the Earth’s resources is unsustainable, and unless we change course, this will continue to increase dramatically. By 2030, it is estimated that even two planets will not be enough1 to sustain our resource and energy consumption.

Energy Production
UK researchers are developing efficient technologies and alternative energy sources, as well as thinking through the land use implications for a future green energy mix. There are multiple drivers for the use of greener energy sources and for securing a more efficient energy system.

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