AXA 2013 Post Doctoral Fellowship Campaign

The AXA Research Fund is calling for applications for the 2013 Post Doctoral Fellowship Campaign. Post-Doctoral projects must be related to one of the general topics listed below, and should contribute to a better understanding of one of these three clusters of risks.

AXA’s three general clusters of risks are:

Environmental Risks
Climate change, from glacier retreat to sea-level rise.
Natural hazards, from earth hazards to atmospheric and space-weather phenomena.
Human-driven environmental changes such as urban pollution, nanotechnologies or pesticide exposure.

Life Risks
Aging and long-term care, e.g. trends in individual longevity, age-related diseases, population demographics.
Biomedical risks, from the analysis and evolution of infectious diseases and pandemics to exposure to new technologies.
Addictions and risky behaviors, from the perspectives of psychology, biology, medicine, etc.

Socio-economic Risks
Geopolitical risks, e.g. access to natural resources, international and civil conflicts, political upheavals, international security.
Macro-economic and financial systemic risks, i.e. all uncertainties affecting the aggregate behavior of the economy.
Individual and collective behaviors towards uncertainty.
Large corporate risks, from internal corporate governance risks to threats and challenges inherent to the corporate environment.

A few points to note:

  • Candidates must have defended their Ph.D thesis before the beginning of their Post Doctoral grant
  • AXA finance projects from start to finish: projects that are already under way are thus not eligible for funding with the ARF
  • ARF PostDoc grants are not compatible with permanent academic positions
  • While funded by the AXA Research Fund, the Post-Doctoral researcher should not occupy another position and should work full time on the research project selected by the Scientific Board.

For more information please visit:

The University of Glamorgan can only propose one candidate therefore in the first instance you will need to provide an expression of interest (no more than 500 words) on your research proposal and how it supports the AXA criteria. Please email your EOI to Kath Davies by Thursday 28th February 2013

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